17th Century


Items printed during the 17th century found in the Schulich-Woolf collection.

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[Britannia. English]
A translation of: Britannia. Identification of printer from STC. With an additional title page, engraved, lacking imprint: Britannia Page 299 misnumbered 287; other errors in pagination. "Scotland" has a divisional title and separate pagination.…

Chroniques des ducs de Brabant
Title-page vignette, tail-pieces. Large engraved arms of Albert and Isabel on verso of title-page, 1 double-page map of Brabant, 36 copper-engraved protraits by Phillipe Galle, or his students, after drawings by Antonio de Succa, Otto Vaenius, Jan…

Certain matters concerning the realm of Scotland
Anonymous. By John Monipennie. The words "Genealogie .. things in Scotland." are bracketed together on the title page, with the word "The" to the left of the bracket. Printer's name from STC. Queen's University copy lacks the first and last blank…
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