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Memoirs of several ladies of Great Britain

Originally published in 1752 with title: Memoirs of several ladies of Great Britain. The final four leaves consist of an index. Extra illustrated with 134 portrait leaves (1 folded); 8 blank leaves with manuscript notes; annotations. Prints bear…

The feel of steel : the art and history of bank note engraving in the United States

Title page printed in black and blue. Includes illustrated head-pieces and tail-pieces printed in blue. Plates (some folded), except portrait plate, are included in pagination. Includes "A Portfolio of Original Engraved Prints": pages [133]-158.…

Præstantium aliquot theologorum, qui Rom. antichristum præcipuè oppugnarunt, effigies : quibus addita e'logia liborumq[ue] catalogi / operâ Iac. Verheiden.

Printer's statement from colophon. With 50 engraved portraits of Reformers, including Thomas Cranmer, John Knox and John Bale, and one allegorical plate. Engraved portraits are signed H, Hh, Hhon, HAB and are by Heinrich Hondius the elder; title page…

Vale royal of England

Added engraved title page: Description historicall & geographicall of the countie palatine of Chester & illustrated with diuers figures cutt in copper & published by Daniel King of Chester 1656 "Epistle dedicatory" signed by Daniel King.…

Life and raigne of K. Henrie the fourth

The first 100 pages are devoted chiefly to the preceding reign of Richard II. Dedication signed: I. Hayvvarde. The imprint is false; printed by Bernard Alsop and Thomas Fawcet, 1629?--STC. Running title reads: The life and raigne of K. Henrie the…

Lives of the III. Normans, Kings of England

Dedication signed: I. Hayvvard. Printer's name from STC. Signatures: A-2Q? 2R. "Escapes" (i.e., errata)--page 314.

Harding's Chronicle

Harding's Chronicle, which is in verse, extends to 1461. "A continuacion of the chronicle of England", a prose compilation by Richard Grafton, extending the history to 1543, has separate divisional title with foliation commencing on 2A1. In this…