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The customs of London

Containing among divers other matters, the original of the celebrated poem of The nut-brown maid; reprinted from the first edition, with the additions included in the second. Edited by J. Douce.

East Wheal Brothers Share

Part Transcription: "East Wheal Brothers, Suber Mining Company. Capital £100,000, in 5000 shares, of £20 each. Conditions and regulations for the management of the company. ... It is scarcely necessary to observe that, as the fact is ascertained that…

Lipton, Limited. Ordinary Share Certificate

Part Transcription: [within engraved frame] "Lipton, Limited. [blank] ordinary shares. [On left] No. [blank] ordinary share certificate. Number of shares from - to (inclusive). [On right] Capital £2,000,000, divided into 1,000,000 five per cent.…

London and Birminghame Steam Carriage Company Shares

Part transcription: "London and Birmingham Steam Carriage Company. Capital, two hundred thousand pounds, in 10,000 shares of £20 each. This is to certify that [blank] is a proprietor of five shares in the capital stock of the London & Birmingham…

Asylum Life Assurance Company Share

Part Transcription: "Asylum Life Assurance Company, This is to certify that [blank] is the holder of one share ... Further instalments, £3 payable June 24, 1825, £3 [blank] Decr. 25, 1825 [repeated for six more semi-annual payments ending] Decr. 25,…

British Gas Light Company

Part Transcription: "British Gas Light Company Share £50 No. [blank]. This is to certify that [blank] of [blank] is the proprietor of the share No. [blank] in the capital of the British Gas Light Company ... As witness our hands this [blank] day of…

The new, complete, and universal history, description, and survey of the cities of London and Westminster, the borough of Southwark, and the parts adjacent

DA677.N49 1784.jpg
Signatures: [A]-6R² 6S⁴. Text printed in double columns. Tail-pieces. Press figures. Published in parts. "A list of subscribers ... ": pages [1]-[4] at end. Publisher's advertisement at bottom of p. [2] at end.

A journey from London to the Isle of Wight

folio DA620 P46 1801 vol 1.jpg
Running title, v. 2: From Dover to the Land's-End.
The narrative of a tour from the Isle of Wight to Land's End was projected, but apparently not published. -- cf. Adv., v. 2, p. [v] at front.
Advertisement: [2] pages at end of volume 2.

Annales, or, A generall chronicle of England

Dated 1631 S89 folio.jpg
Frequent errors in pagination.

Title within architectural woodcut border.

Head- and tail-pieces; initials; printed marginal notes.

Printed in double columns.

Printed by John Beale, Bernard Alsop, Thomas Fawcett, and Augustine Mathewes.…

Supplement to the first edition of the historical account of The environs of London

folio DA677 L99 1792 vol 005.jpg
This work is the second supplement to Lysons' "The environs of London" ... A first supplement was published in 1800 ... The imprint of Strahan and Preston appears on the verso of the title-leaf and on page 493.

: 'The present volume contains all…