Actes and Monuments


Actes and Monuments

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Full title: Actes and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable happening in the Church : with an vniuersall historie of the same : wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church,from the primitiue age to these latter times of ours, with the bloody times, horrible troubles, and great persecutions against the true martyrs of Christ, sought and wrought as well by heathen emperours, as now lately practised by Romish prelats, especially in this realme of England and Scotland : now againe, as it was recognised, perused, and recommended to the studious reader / by the author, master Iohn Foxe.


Foxe, John, 1516-1587


At London : Printed for the Company of Stationers




2 v. ([26],728; [2],731-1952,[28] pages, [2] folded leaves of plates) : ill., map ; 41 cm. (folio)


The sixth time newly imprinted, with certaine additions thereunto annexed, Anno 1610, Mense Octobris.
Titles of v. 1-2 within illustrated woodcut borders; woodcut illustrations, initials, head- and tail-pieces.

The "plates" are woodcuts after C3 and 5N4; the plate after C3, 'A table of the X. first persecutions of the primitiue church vnder the heathen tyrannes of Rome ...', has the imprint: Imprinted at London by Humfrey Lownes. 1610, and is entered separately under STC 11227.5.

Includes index.

"The Kalender" printed in red and black.

Text primarily in double columns.

Vol. 2 has special dated title page: The second volume of the ecclesiasticall historie, containing the acts and monuments of martyrs, with a generall discourse of these latter persecutions, horrible troubles and tumults, stirred vp by Romish prelates in the church: with diuers other things incident, especially to this realme of England and Scotland, as partly also to all other forraine nations appertaining, from the time of King Henry the 8. vnto Queene Elizabeth our late gratious soueraigne of blessed memorie.

QUL copy lacks the plates; bound in heavy beveled wood boards with metal furniture (bosses and clasps), the clasps for volume 1 are missing.

QUL copy, volume 2, has a slip with handwritten facsimile of volume 1 title mounted where printed text of volume 2 title should appear.


QUL copy received "From John Brown, Esq., Oct. 1869, Hamilton, Ont.".




Dated 1610 .F7
ESTC S123056

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