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The general history of England both ecclesiastical and civil

Part 2 has separate dated title page on leaf 4E4r; pagination begins on p. 701 with quire 4H. Leaf 4H1 missigned 3H.

"The appendix" (caption title) has separate pagination and register.

Includes index.

With a final addenda leaf.

The lives of illustrious men

With a half title page.

Dedication signed: Leopold William Finch.

Signatures: A-M¹².

Title within double line border; head and tail piece

Q. Curtii Rufi historiarum libri, accuratissime editi.

Signatures: A-S?.

Engraved title-page.

Verso of last leaf blank.

Includes index.

Books I-II supplemented by Christoph Bruno.

Pseudo-Elzevir edition : cf. Willems, Les Elzevier, no. 2146.

Jani Rutgersii emendationes : p.…

The Roman antiquities of Dionysius Halicarnassensis

Signatures. Vol. I: pi¹ a-d⁴ e-k² B-3M⁴ 3N¹. Vol.II: pi¹ A-3I⁴. Vol.III: B-3K⁴. Vol.IV: B-3U⁴ 3X².

Complete pagination. Vol. I: xxxvii, [20], 456, [1] pages. Vol.II: [2], 439, [2] pages.

Vol.III: [2], 438, [2] pages. Vol.IV: [2], 516, [1]…

Memoires of the Reign of King Charles I

Title page printed with a double border. Includes index and errata.

Printed marginalia.

The slip recorded on other copies bearing the word "by" pasted over the word "from" in the penultimate line of the preface [wanting? or never…

Nicolai Triveti, Dominicani, Annales Sex Regnum Angliæ

Signatures: [pi]², a-c⁴, A-Aaa⁴, Bbb⁽²⁾.

"Imprimatur F.O. Baron, vice-can. oxon. Mar. 26. 1718"--Title page verso.

Includes list of subscribers.

Includes index.

Title vignette: engraving of Sheldonian Theatre.

Frontispiece engraved…

Nicolai Triveti Annalium continuatio

Title page in red and black.

Imprimatur on verso of title page: Rob. Shippen Aug. 2, 1722

With a list of subscribers.

Individual items have separate title pages; pagination and register are continuous.

Errata listed on final leaf verso.

The history of the reigns of Edward and Richard II

Signatures: A? a-b? B-M? N?

Leaf a2 is wrongly signed b2 and leaf a4 is wrongly signed b4; page 144 wrongly numbered 441.

Xenophon's history of the affairs of Greece in seven books

Text is consistent, despite changes in pagination.

Title within double-ruled border.

Pages 132, 188, 260 and 326 are blank.

Gatherings A and b are misbound before the a gathering in the following order: A b A3 A2 A5 A4 b2 A6.