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[Britannia. English]

Engraved title page
A translation of: Britannia. Identification of printer from STC. With an additional title page, engraved, lacking imprint: Britannia Page 299 misnumbered 287; other errors in pagination. "Scotland" has a divisional title and separate pagination.…

[Collection of portrait prints, 16th century]

Portrait of La Royne Elizabeth
Bound with: Virorum doctorum de disciplinis benemerentium effigies XLIIII / Philippe Galle. Antwerp, 1572 -- Nine worthies / Nicolaes de Bruyn. Amsterdam: Assuerus van Londerseel, 1594 -- Diversarum gentium armatura equestris / Abraham de Bruyn.…

[Letter from Edward IV to Maximilian, Duke of Austria and Burgundy regarding a case of piracy against English subjects.]

E39 folio.jpg
Letter, 25 lines, written with brown ink in chancery hand, large initial "E" with calligraphic flourishing, tag for seal cut out from lower border and with very fragmentary private seal of Edward IV in red wax.
Endorsement on verso: "Lettre du Roy…

[The Nine Worthies : ornament designs with portraits of kings and heroes.]

Hector Troianus
Title and publication information from British Museum Collection online. Plates signed: "Nicola de Bruin fecit, Assuwerus van Londerseel excudit, 1594", or variation thereof. Roundels including portraits surrounded by decorative elements. Bound with:…

10 Shares for 50 Yen Each

Part Transcription (incomplete): "Inter National Trading Trust Co. L't'd. Five Hundred Yen. ... This is to certify that the person herein named is the registrated holder of ten shares of this company, subject to the provisions of the articles of the…

10 Shares for 500 Yen

Part Transcription (incomplete): "Aktien der L. Leybold A. G. Zehn Aktien. Yen 500. ... Mrs. Elly Lissey."

10 Shares for 500 Yen

Part Transcription (incomplete): "Aktien der L. Leybold A. G. Zehn Aktien. Yen 500. ... Mr. H. Steinfeld."

10 Shares for 500 Yen

Part Transcription: "Ten Shares Certificate. No. 219441 - 219450. Share Certificate to Bearer, The Nippon Kogyo Ginko (The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited). Ten Shares of Fifty Yen Each, Amounting to 500 Yen. ... Given under the common seal of the…

10 Shares in Gosho Kabushiki Kaisha

Part Transcription: "K. No. 174. Share certificate of Gosho Kabushiki Kaisha. Establishment registeres on the 15th January, 6th year of Taisho (1917). ... Given this 15th day of February, 9th year of Taisho (1920). Gosho Kabushiki Kaisha. [blank]…