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Pacata Hibernia

Dedication signed: Tho: Stafford.
Sometimes attributed to George Carew, Earl of Totnes.
Engraved frontispiece portrait of George Carew, Earl of Totnes, is signed "Voerst fec:"
With an additional title page, engraved, with portrait of Queen…

Les mémoires de mess. Martin Du Bellay Seigneur de Langey

Title vignette (printer's mark).
Colophon: Acheué d'imprimer le vingtneufiesme iour de Octobre, l'an mil cinq cens quatre vingts sept : par Pierre Le Voirrier, imprimeur du Roy és mathematiques.

Rerum Anglicarum scriptores post Bedam praecipui

Signatures: A-4F⁶ 4G⁸, a-g⁶ h⁴.
Roman with some Italic and Gothic type. Historiated, bestiary and floriated initials. Head- and tail-pieces. Marginal notes. Publisher's device on t.p. and on final leaf.
Separate t.p. for each part.

Remaines concerning Britaine

Signatures: A-3H?.
Frontispiece is portrait of the author. Armorial bookplate: The Earl of Ilchester.

Ordonnancie ende instructie naer de welcke voort-aen hen moeten reguleren die ghesworen wisselaers ofte collecteurs vande goude ende silvere penningen

Also issued by Verdussen in the same year in French.
T.p. woodcut of arms of Philip IV, King of Spain. Text gives proper weight of coins illustrated.
Signatures: A⁸ B⁴ C-Q⁸ R².
Slip with additional coin and printed legend mounted on G1r;…

A collection of emblemes, ancient and moderne

In verse.
Printer's name from STC.
The emblems are printed from plates originally engraved by Crispijn van de Passe the elder for "Nucleus emblematorum" by Gabriel Rollenhagen (STC).
With an additional title page, engraved, "Emblemes.…

Historia mundi, or Mercator's atlas

Translator's dedication signed: Wye Saltonstall.
Signatures: pi² A⁶ a⁴ B-2L⁶ 2M² (2M2 + "Mm3") ²N-²Z⁶ 3A-3H⁶ 3I⁴ (I4 + ²chi1) 3K-4K⁶ ( -4K4) 4L-4N⁴ 4O².
With an additional title page, engraved and signed "G. Glo: inu: fecit", with imprint "London…

Batauorum cum Romanis bellum : à Corn. Tacito lib. IV. & V. Hist. olim descriptum, figuris nunc aeneis expressum = De batavische oft oude Hollandtsche oorloghe teghen de Romeynen / auctore Othone Vaenio Lugdunobatauo.

Parallel text in Dutch and Latin letterpress on title page verso. Engraved text in Dutch and Latin at the foot of plates 2-36. Plates are numbered. Copperplate engravings by Antonio Tempesta after Vaenius illustrating books 4 and 5 of Tacitus's…

Præstantium aliquot theologorum, qui Rom. antichristum præcipuè oppugnarunt, effigies : quibus addita e'logia liborumq[ue] catalogi / operâ Iac. Verheiden.

Printer's statement from colophon. With 50 engraved portraits of Reformers, including Thomas Cranmer, John Knox and John Bale, and one allegorical plate. Engraved portraits are signed H, Hh, Hhon, HAB and are by Heinrich Hondius the elder; title page…

Vale royal of England

Added engraved title page: Description historicall & geographicall of the countie palatine of Chester & illustrated with diuers figures cutt in copper & published by Daniel King of Chester 1656 "Epistle dedicatory" signed by Daniel King.…

Some observations of the additions to, and differences from the truth contained in the story of the holy scripture

Manuscript "compiled by a careful reader in the mid-seventeenth-century, starting by picking out differences between Josephus and the Old Testament, and continuing with a general summary of the events in Josephus and in the ecclesiastical historians…

Life and raigne of K. Henrie the fourth

The first 100 pages are devoted chiefly to the preceding reign of Richard II. Dedication signed: I. Hayvvarde. The imprint is false; printed by Bernard Alsop and Thomas Fawcet, 1629?--STC. Running title reads: The life and raigne of K. Henrie the…

Lives of the III. Normans, Kings of England

Dedication signed: I. Hayvvard. Printer's name from STC. Signatures: A-2Q? 2R. "Escapes" (i.e., errata)--page 314.