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The customs of London

Containing among divers other matters, the original of the celebrated poem of The nut-brown maid; reprinted from the first edition, with the additions included in the second. Edited by J. Douce.

Chinese Imperial Railway, Gold Loan

Part Transcription: "Bond No. [blank]. Chinese Imperial Railway, Gold Loan, £2,300,000 Sterling 5 per cent. (Imperial Railways of North China). Chinese Imperial five per cent government guaranteed bonds. ... In witness whereof His Excellency Sir Chih…


Part Transcription (incomplete): "Youssuf Aga de Vutchtrin Moustafa Tchenguitch & Co. Société Commendite Ottomane de la Fabrique de Fez et Draps Kara Mursel."

A Mortgage Bond from The Erie and Niagara Railway Company

Part Transcription: "Province of Canada. No. [blank]. 200. First Mortgage Bond. The Erie and Niagara Railway Company. The Erie and Niagara Railway Company, a body polite and corporate, duly incorporated under and by the virtue of the Act Cap. LIX.of…

A Share in the Middleton & Tonge Cotton Mill Co. Limited

Part Transcription: "Middleton & Tonge Cotton Mill Co. Limited, Registered 15th March 1860. This is to certify that the bearer is the proprietor of one share No. [blank] in the capital of the Middleton & Tonge Cotton Mill Co. Limited ...…