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Remaines concerning Britaine

Signatures: A-3H?.
Frontispiece is portrait of the author. Armorial bookplate: The Earl of Ilchester.

The most notable antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly called Stone-Heng, on Salisbury plain, restored

Printer suggested by colophon to the collection.
Title in red and black within line border; head and tail pieces; initials.
The frontpiece is a portrait of Inigo Jones, from a painting by Van Dyck.
Each of the three parts has special title page…

An history of the original parish of Whalley, and Honor of Clitheroe, in the counties of Lancaster and York

Photo of title page to book V.
Folded leaves of genealogical tables included in pagination and registration. In two parts. Part II has a separate titlepage dated 1801. With a list of subscribers. Title page to book V has the author statement "By Thomas Dunham Whitaker, LL.D." and…

Short description of Norwich taken from Blomefield

Manuscript with mounted illustrations, cut from printed or engraved sources. Partially based on: Francis Blomefield's History of the city and county of Norwich (1741) Includes index.

Monumenta sepulchraria Sancti Pauli

H.H. = Henry Holland. Identification of Eliot's Court Press and publication date from STC. Signatures: A-F?. The first leaf is blank except for signature-mark "A." With a final errata leaf. Bound with: Norden, John. Speculum Britanniae. The firste…

History and antiquities of Cumberland

Engraved title page and frontispiece for: History and antiquities of Cumberland volume 1
Added, engraved title pages. Includes index, list of subscribers, etc. Inserts removed to item file: from v.1. Illustrated note on "escutcheons, tinctures, charges, ornaments"; note and clipping concerning John Peel of Caldbeck.--from v.2. Extract…

Topographical and historical description of the County of Stafford

da670.s7n54 1813v.1.jpg
Bound in two volumes, extra-illustrated with 182 engravings, incl. 11 colored views and 27 hand-colored coats of arms; William Kip map of Staffordshire dissected into sex separate plates, plus 2 other maps.

Posthumous works of the learned Sir Thomas Browne, kt. M.D. late of Norwich

DA690 N88 B76 1712.jpg
"Miscellanies," "Repertorium" and "Antiquitates capellae" have each a separate titlepage, pagination and register; each part of the 'Miscellanies' has separate pagination and register.

'Miscellanies' includes 'An account of Island, alias…

The history and antiquities of Staffordshire

DA670 S7 S53 flat folio.jpg
To have been completed in three vols.; no more published.
Most of the plates are from drawings by the author.
Minor variations of title.
The 'Appendix to Burton-upon-Trent' with other appendixes in vol.1 has separate pagination and register; the…