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Vale royal of England

Added engraved title page: Description historicall & geographicall of the countie palatine of Chester & illustrated with diuers figures cutt in copper & published by Daniel King of Chester 1656 "Epistle dedicatory" signed by Daniel King.…

The historie of Great Britaine vnder the conqvests of the Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans

First word of title is xylographic.
"T. Cotes pr[inted]. Aaaa to end"--STC.
Title page followed by dedication to King James.
Frontispiece: portrait of the author signed by S[alomon] Savery Sculp.
Published as a continuation of his "Theatre of…

Les blasons des armes de la royale maison de Bourbon & de ses alliances

Engravings are by Pierre Firens. Signatures: ã²ẽ²A-3O²chi². Signature ẽ folded so ẽ2 (engraved t.p.)--precedes ã1. Title-page and illustrative matter engraved, head-pieces, initials. Includes folded leaf depicting coronation of Louis XIII, dated…

The new, complete, and universal history, description, and survey of the cities of London and Westminster, the borough of Southwark, and the parts adjacent

DA677.N49 1784.jpg
Signatures: [A]-6R² 6S⁴. Text printed in double columns. Tail-pieces. Press figures. Published in parts. "A list of subscribers ... ": pages [1]-[4] at end. Publisher's advertisement at bottom of p. [2] at end.

The ancient and present state of Glostershire

DA670.G5A8 1712.jpg
First edition, one of two issues; title vignette represents Mercury in a scroll between two birds. Includes index Signatures: A?, B-Z?, 2A-2Z?, 3A-3Z?, 4A-4Z?, 5A-5R?, 5S. Pages 312, 745, 752, 762, 767 incorrectly numbered 313, 753, 760, 767, 762,…