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The history of Hertfordshire

Map signed: "J. Clark sculp." ; Initials; headpieces, tailpiece.
Printed in double columns; Errata: p. 368; "List of the names of subscribers": pages [7]-[8].

A journey from London to the Isle of Wight

folio DA620 P46 1801 vol 1.jpg
Running title, v. 2: From Dover to the Land's-End.
The narrative of a tour from the Isle of Wight to Land's End was projected, but apparently not published. -- cf. Adv., v. 2, p. [v] at front.
Advertisement: [2] pages at end of volume 2.

The history and antiquities of Staffordshire

DA670 S7 S53 flat folio.jpg
To have been completed in three vols.; no more published.
Most of the plates are from drawings by the author.
Minor variations of title.
The 'Appendix to Burton-upon-Trent' with other appendixes in vol.1 has separate pagination and register; the…


DU102 B66.jpg
Ferguson no. 7280.
Added title pages engraved.
Caption, cover and spine title: Australia illustrated.

Supplement to the first edition of the historical account of The environs of London

folio DA677 L99 1792 vol 005.jpg
This work is the second supplement to Lysons' "The environs of London" ... A first supplement was published in 1800 ... The imprint of Strahan and Preston appears on the verso of the title-leaf and on page 493.

: 'The present volume contains all…

An historical account of those parishes in the county of Middlesex which are not described in the "Environs of London"

folio DA677 L99 1792 v006.jpg
Title page is engraved.

The title is taken from the etched title-plate. This is a supplement to Lysons' "The environs of London ..." (London, 1792-1796; No.1977). A further supplement was published in 1811 (No.1979).

Index of arms: p.…

The home of mankind

G122 V2 1933.jpg
Includes index.
"First published April 1933 ... Reprinted April 1933"

Ruins of desert Cathay

DS793 E2 S8.jpg
Record of the archaeological and geographical explorations ... during the years 1906-1908 ... carried out under the orders of the government of India..."-Preface