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Lives of the III. Normans, Kings of England

Dedication signed: I. Hayvvard. Printer's name from STC. Signatures: A-2Q? 2R. "Escapes" (i.e., errata)--page 314.

Magna Charta

mini Dated 1556 E54.jpg
Contains Magna Carta and statutes passed before the reign of Edward III.
Latin and Law French.
Imprint from colophon in v. 2.
Volume 2 has title: Secunda pars veterum statutorum. "The date of this title page varies: 1555 or 1556"--STC.
Volume 1:…

Britannia antiqua illustrata, or, The antiquities of ancient Britain, derived from the Phoenicians

Dated 1676 S36 folio.jpg
The first volume. No more published.

Title page in red and black ; title page vignette.

"This book ... licensed to be printed by ... Sr. Joseph Williamson, March 8th, 1674/75, Roger L'Estrange"--T.p., verso.

Includes index.

Nottinghamia vetus et nova : or, An historical account of the ancient and present state of the town of Nottingham

DA690 N92 D3 1751.jpg
A list of the knights of the shire and burgesses of the town, copied from Prynne's Parliamentary writs, from the 23rd of Edward I. to the 16th Charles I.: 6 leaves between pages 208 and 209.

The first and second volumes of Chronicles

Dated 1587 H7 folio.jpg
Compiled by Holinshed, William Harrison, and Richard Stanyhurst. Edited by John Hooker, who continued the work to 1586, with the assistance of Francis Thynne on the Scottish continuations, and with Thynne, Abraham Fleming and John Stow on the other…

Here beginneth the third and fourthe boke of syr Iohn froissart of the cronycles of Englande, fraunce, Spaygne, Portyngale Scotland, Bretayne, flaunders, and other places adioynyng

Dated 1563 F7 folio.jpg
A translation of books 3 and 4 of the "Chroniques."

The imprint, from colophon, is false; in fact printed by Thomas Marsh, ca. 1563?.

Imprimatur at foot of colophon: Cum priuilegio a rege in dulto.

Foliation irregular; actual foliation…

Fabyan's chronicle

Dated 1533 F33 folio.jpg
Title within woodcut border with printer's initials. Cf. McKerrow & Ferguson, no. 20.

Special title page for volume 2: The seconde volume of Fabyans cronycle conteynyng the cronycles of Englande and of Fraunce, from the begynnyng of the reygne of…

The tragedies, gathered by Ihon Bochas, of all such princes as fell from theyr estates throughe the mutability of fortune since the creacion of Adam, vntil his time

folio Dated 1554 B63.jpg
A verse translation of: Boccaccio, Giovanni. De casibus illustrium virorum.

Publication date conjectured by STC.

The eighth book begins new foliation on 2A1.

The last leaf, usually lacking, bears the title page to "A memorial of suche…

Through the Yellowstone Park on horseback

F722 W76 1886.jpg
Folded map in pocket, bottom cover: Map of the Yellowstone National Park compiled from different official explorations and our personal survey, 1882 [by] Carl J. Hals and A. Rydström.

The description of Britain

DA145 B54 1809.jpg
"De situ Britannicae" by Charles Bertram, was a forgery claimed by him to have been copied from a manuscript written by Richard of Cirencester--National Union Catalog.

Translated by Henry Hatcher, the commentary by Thomas Leman--British Library…