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Actes and Monuments

The sixth time newly imprinted, with certaine additions thereunto annexed, Anno 1610, Mense Octobris.
Titles of v. 1-2 within illustrated woodcut borders; woodcut illustrations, initials, head- and tail-pieces.

The "plates" are woodcuts after C3…

Saint Albans chronicle

Known as "The Saint Albans chronicle"; not the same compilation as the "Chronicles of England" first printed by Caxton (STC 9991-4).
Title and imprint from colophon, leaf 2b7r.
The first leaf has a large cut of the royal arms. The motto "Hec rosa…

The Romane historie

Folio Dated 1600 L58.jpg
The first word of the title is xylographic.

"The topographie of Rome" is a revised translation of: Marliani, Bartolomeo. Topographia antiquae Romae.

The "Breviaries" are a translation of: Florus, Lucius Annaeus. Epitomae rerum Romanarum (for…

The six voyages of John Baptista Tavernier

Dated 1678 T38 folio.jpg
A translation, by John Phillips, of: Tavernier, Jean-Baptiste. Les six voyages de Jean-Baptiste Tavernier.

Printer's name from Wing CD.

The second part has separate title page with imprint "printed in the year, 1678", pagination and…

The history and antiquities of Windsor Castle, and the Royal College, and Chapel of St. George

DA690 W76 P8 1749.jpg
Dedication, which is printed in red, to Frederick, Prince of Wales, signed by Pote.

With an initial licence leaf and a list of subscribers.

Title page in red and black.

Etched portrait of Frederick by Richard Parr. Plates etched by Parr,…


Dated 1527 H333 folio.jpg
Imprint from colophon.

Includes index.

By Ranulf Higden, whose name appears on 2a3r.

Translated by John Trevisa, who is named on 2a3r.

Higden's work, divided into 7 books and extending to the year 1348, was originally written in Latin.…

The herball, or, Generall historie of plantes

Title page
Largely based on: Dodoens, Rembert. Cruydenboeck.

With an additional engraved title page, signed: Io: Payne sculps:.

Running title reads: Of the historie of plants.

The first leaf and the last leaf are blank.

Includes indexes.

An itinerary

folio Dated 1617 M67.jpg
The first leaf is blank except for signature-mark "[par.]"; the last leaf is blank.

In three parts, each with separate pagination; register is continuous.

Parts 1-3 of a projected work of 5 parts; part 4 was written but never printed. Cf.…