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Actes and Monuments

The sixth time newly imprinted, with certaine additions thereunto annexed, Anno 1610, Mense Octobris.
Titles of v. 1-2 within illustrated woodcut borders; woodcut illustrations, initials, head- and tail-pieces.

The "plates" are woodcuts after C3…

Annales rerum anglicarum et hibernicarum regnante Elizabetha

Dated1615.C1 _1.jpg
Guilielmo Camdeno authore. Text within line border; initials; head and tail pieces.Running title: Elizabetha Angliae Regina.Includes index. Queen's University copy is missing first 2 blank leaves and final errata leaf.A2 is misprinted A3.B1 is a…

The historie of Great Britaine vnder the conqvests of the Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans

First word of title is xylographic.
"T. Cotes pr[inted]. Aaaa to end"--STC.
Title page followed by dedication to King James.
Frontispiece: portrait of the author signed by S[alomon] Savery Sculp.
Published as a continuation of his "Theatre of…

Tresor Royal certificate

Part Transcription: "Je Jean-Baptiste Brunet, Conseiller du Roy en ses Conseils, Garde de son Tresor Royal, confesse avoir receu comptant en cetter Ville de Paris, de [blank] ... Quittance du Garde du Tresor Royal, Année mil six cens quatre-vingt…

A Bond from Tresor Royal

Part Transcription: "No. [blank]. Je Pierre Gruyn, Conseiller de Roy en ses Conseils, Garde de son Tresor Royal, Confesse avoir reçû comptant en cette Ville de Paris, de [blank] ... Quittance du Garde du Tresor Royal, Année mil six cent…

Letter Ordering the building of a quay for ships. Docket title: "Order to build a Cay at no. 22. An order to Mr. Darracote and others to buld [sic] ye Kay."

Part Transcription: "Know all men by these presents that we the ffeoffees of this land of the Long Bridg of Bideford whose names are hereunto subscribed ... In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this first day of December Anno…

Instructions from the Lords of the Admiralty

Part Transcription: "By the Principal Officers & Comm[anders] of his Ma[jesty's] Navy. It being intended that a passage should be made through the boat houses, and conveniencyes behind them for stowing such boates as the houses will not hold, and…

Government Loan for the War against France, a £700 Bond

Part Transcription: "Order is taken this [blank] day of [blank] 169[blank]. By virtue of Their Majesties letters of privy seal, dated the [blank] day of [blank] 169[blank]. ... Together with interest for the same, after the rate of seven pounds per…

[Britannia. English]

Engraved title page
A translation of: Britannia. Identification of printer from STC. With an additional title page, engraved, lacking imprint: Britannia Page 299 misnumbered 287; other errors in pagination. "Scotland" has a divisional title and separate pagination.…

Chroniques des ducs de Brabant

Title Page
Title-page vignette, tail-pieces. Large engraved arms of Albert and Isabel on verso of title-page, 1 double-page map of Brabant, 36 copper-engraved protraits by Phillipe Galle, or his students, after drawings by Antonio de Succa, Otto Vaenius, Jan…