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A Survey of London

DA680.S87 1754_1.jpg
From title page of volume 1: The survey and history brought down to the present time by careful hands. Illustrated with exact maps of the city and suburbs, and all of the wards; and like-wise, of the out-parishes of London and Westminster, and the…

[Britannia. English]

Engraved title page
A translation of: Britannia. Identification of printer from STC. With an additional title page, engraved, lacking imprint: Britannia Page 299 misnumbered 287; other errors in pagination. "Scotland" has a divisional title and separate pagination.…

Some years travels into divers parts of Africa, and Asia the great

In this fourth impression are added (by the author now living) as well many additions throughout the whole work, as also several sculptures, never before printed.

Added engraved title page (pi1r) bears edition statement: The third edition further…

The new, complete, and universal history, description, and survey of the cities of London and Westminster, the borough of Southwark, and the parts adjacent

DA677.N49 1784.jpg
Signatures: [A]-6R² 6S⁴. Text printed in double columns. Tail-pieces. Press figures. Published in parts. "A list of subscribers ... ": pages [1]-[4] at end. Publisher's advertisement at bottom of p. [2] at end.

Monumenta sepulchraria Sancti Pauli

H.H. = Henry Holland. Identification of Eliot's Court Press and publication date from STC. Signatures: A-F?. The first leaf is blank except for signature-mark "A." With a final errata leaf. Bound with: Norden, John. Speculum Britanniae. The firste…

The British monarchy, or, A new chorographical description of all the dominions subject to the King of Great Britain

Copies of this work are frequently made up from various editions. Engraved throughout and numbered and printed on the recto only. Special title-pages: l. 39. A description of the several counties in South Britain; containing, England and Wales.…

History and antiquities of Cumberland

Engraved title page and frontispiece for: History and antiquities of Cumberland volume 1
Added, engraved title pages. Includes index, list of subscribers, etc. Inserts removed to item file: from v.1. Illustrated note on "escutcheons, tinctures, charges, ornaments"; note and clipping concerning John Peel of Caldbeck.--from v.2. Extract…