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Præstantium aliquot theologorum, qui Rom. antichristum præcipuè oppugnarunt, effigies : quibus addita e'logia liborumq[ue] catalogi / operâ Iac. Verheiden.

Printer's statement from colophon. With 50 engraved portraits of Reformers, including Thomas Cranmer, John Knox and John Bale, and one allegorical plate. Engraved portraits are signed H, Hh, Hhon, HAB and are by Heinrich Hondius the elder; title page…

The most notable antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly called Stone-Heng, on Salisbury plain, restored

Printer suggested by colophon to the collection.
Title in red and black within line border; head and tail pieces; initials.
The frontpiece is a portrait of Inigo Jones, from a painting by Van Dyck.
Each of the three parts has special title page…

Diversarum gentium armatura equestris

title page
Originally published: Cologne, 1575 (52 plates). Bound with: [Collection of portrait prints, 16th century] -- Virorum doctorum de disciplinis benemerentium effigies XLIIII / Philippe Galle. Antwerp, 1572 -- Nine worthies / Nicolaes de Bruyn.…

A tour through the isle of Man

QUL contains pages 233-235 uncancelled, for passages in which the author was prosecuted, and the book reissued without them. Aquatint illustrations by George Isham Parkyns.

Short description of Norwich taken from Blomefield

Manuscript with mounted illustrations, cut from printed or engraved sources. Partially based on: Francis Blomefield's History of the city and county of Norwich (1741) Includes index.

Heads, English & foreign collected by Henrietta Louisa Jeffreys, countess of Pomfret

NE218.P66 1730.jpg
100 seventeenth-century window-mounted engraved portrait plates with manuscript biographies on facing pages; the first 50 biographies with decorative borders, most illuminated, the last 50 without borders. Portraits engraved by Wenceslas Hollar,…

Some years travels into divers parts of Africa, and Asia the great

In this fourth impression are added (by the author now living) as well many additions throughout the whole work, as also several sculptures, never before printed.

Added engraved title page (pi1r) bears edition statement: The third edition further…

The new, complete, and universal history, description, and survey of the cities of London and Westminster, the borough of Southwark, and the parts adjacent

DA677.N49 1784.jpg
Signatures: [A]-6R² 6S⁴. Text printed in double columns. Tail-pieces. Press figures. Published in parts. "A list of subscribers ... ": pages [1]-[4] at end. Publisher's advertisement at bottom of p. [2] at end.

The ancient and present state of Glostershire

DA670.G5A8 1712.jpg
First edition, one of two issues; title vignette represents Mercury in a scroll between two birds. Includes index Signatures: A?, B-Z?, 2A-2Z?, 3A-3Z?, 4A-4Z?, 5A-5R?, 5S. Pages 312, 745, 752, 762, 767 incorrectly numbered 313, 753, 760, 767, 762,…

The British monarchy, or, A new chorographical description of all the dominions subject to the King of Great Britain

Copies of this work are frequently made up from various editions. Engraved throughout and numbered and printed on the recto only. Special title-pages: l. 39. A description of the several counties in South Britain; containing, England and Wales.…