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The life of Edward lord Herbert of Cherbury, written by himself.

DA391.1.H6A2 1764.jpg
Title page vignette of Strawberry Hill in black line border.Dedication signed: Horace Walpole.Originally issued with folded pedigree, which followed the Advertisement, pp.[9-10]; this pedigree was found to contain errors, and was corrected in some…

A Survey of London

DA680.S87 1754_1.jpg
From title page of volume 1: The survey and history brought down to the present time by careful hands. Illustrated with exact maps of the city and suburbs, and all of the wards; and like-wise, of the out-parishes of London and Westminster, and the…

The most notable antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly called Stone-Heng, on Salisbury plain, restored

Printer suggested by colophon to the collection.
Title in red and black within line border; head and tail pieces; initials.
The frontpiece is a portrait of Inigo Jones, from a painting by Van Dyck.
Each of the three parts has special title page…

The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England

Ordinary paper issue.

With a half-title.

In this edition, l.14 of v.1 titlepage reads: "Counsellor".

The third preliminary leaf in v.1 contains a royal privilege, dated 24 June 1703, for the publication of v.2-3; it is from the same setting…

A Forced Loan Receipt from the Commune d'Anvers

Part Transcription: "Départment d'[blank]. Commune d'[blank]. Emprunt Forcé de l'an 4. Récépissé. ... Fait à [blank] le [blank] an 4e. [a 6 has been written on top of the 4] de la République française, une et indivisible. [blank]…

A Banknote from the French Revolution

Part Transcription: "Domaines nationaux Assignat de cinquante sols payable au porteur."

Contrôle général de Finances Edict of 1712

Part Transcription: "Denier vingt, Edit de Juin 1712. No. [blank]. Je Claude Lebas de Montargis, Conseiller du Roy en ses Censeils, Garde de son Tresor Royal, Consesie avoir reçû en cette Ville de Paris, d[blank] ... Quittance du Garde du Tresor…

Contrôle général de Finances Edict of 1734

Part Transcription: "Pardevant les Conseillors du Roy, Notaires au Chastelet de Paris, soussignez ... Fait & passé au Bureau de l'Hostel de ville, le [blank] jour d[blank] mil sept cens trente-[blank], & ont signé. [blank]."

Contrôle général de Finances Edict of 1713

Part Transcription: "Pardevant les Conseillors du Roy, Notaires Gardenotes & Gardesscel de sa Majesté au Chastelet de Paris, soussignez. ... Fait & passé à Paris au Bureau de l'Hostel de cette Ville, l'an mil sept cens [blank] le [blank]…

Contrôle général de Finances Edict of 1758

Part Transcription: "Rentes Viagéres sue deux Têtes à 8 pour cent. Édit de Novembre 1758. ... Promettant, &c. obligeant, &c. esdits noms, renconcant, &c. Fait & passé au bureau de l'Hôtel de ville, l'an mil sept cent cinquante…