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Actes and Monuments

The sixth time newly imprinted, with certaine additions thereunto annexed, Anno 1610, Mense Octobris.
Titles of v. 1-2 within illustrated woodcut borders; woodcut illustrations, initials, head- and tail-pieces.

The "plates" are woodcuts after C3…

The customs of London

Containing among divers other matters, the original of the celebrated poem of The nut-brown maid; reprinted from the first edition, with the additions included in the second. Edited by J. Douce.

Annales rerum anglicarum et hibernicarum regnante Elizabetha

Dated1615.C1 _1.jpg
Guilielmo Camdeno authore. Text within line border; initials; head and tail pieces.Running title: Elizabetha Angliae Regina.Includes index. Queen's University copy is missing first 2 blank leaves and final errata leaf.A2 is misprinted A3.B1 is a…

The historie of Great Britaine vnder the conqvests of the Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans

First word of title is xylographic.
"T. Cotes pr[inted]. Aaaa to end"--STC.
Title page followed by dedication to King James.
Frontispiece: portrait of the author signed by S[alomon] Savery Sculp.
Published as a continuation of his "Theatre of…

Short description of Norwich taken from Blomefield

Manuscript with mounted illustrations, cut from printed or engraved sources. Partially based on: Francis Blomefield's History of the city and county of Norwich (1741) Includes index.

Saint Albans chronicle

Known as "The Saint Albans chronicle"; not the same compilation as the "Chronicles of England" first printed by Caxton (STC 9991-4).
Title and imprint from colophon, leaf 2b7r.
The first leaf has a large cut of the royal arms. The motto "Hec rosa…


Translated and continued by John Trevisa; revised and expanded to 1460 by William Caxton.Imprint from ISTC; colophon (referring to the preparation of the text) reads: . ended the second day of Iuyll the xxij yere of the regne of kynge Edwardthe…

The new, complete, and universal history, description, and survey of the cities of London and Westminster, the borough of Southwark, and the parts adjacent

DA677.N49 1784.jpg
Signatures: [A]-6R² 6S⁴. Text printed in double columns. Tail-pieces. Press figures. Published in parts. "A list of subscribers ... ": pages [1]-[4] at end. Publisher's advertisement at bottom of p. [2] at end.

The ancient and present state of Glostershire

DA670.G5A8 1712.jpg
First edition, one of two issues; title vignette represents Mercury in a scroll between two birds. Includes index Signatures: A?, B-Z?, 2A-2Z?, 3A-3Z?, 4A-4Z?, 5A-5R?, 5S. Pages 312, 745, 752, 762, 767 incorrectly numbered 313, 753, 760, 767, 762,…

The British monarchy, or, A new chorographical description of all the dominions subject to the King of Great Britain

Copies of this work are frequently made up from various editions. Engraved throughout and numbered and printed on the recto only. Special title-pages: l. 39. A description of the several counties in South Britain; containing, England and Wales.…