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Survey of royal revenue, 1552

Folio_HJ41_A6_image 1.jpg
Foliated in pencil; manuscript occupies leaves [6r] through [53r].
Incipit: The certificate of Thomas Lord Darcy of Chiche ...
Dates conjectured by booksellers based on watermark evidence.
Manuscript fair copy of the Royal Revenue Survey,…

A brief view of the late troubles and confusions in England

Running title: A view of Englands troubles, from 1640, to 1660.
Signatures: A-I⁸ K⁸(-K8).
Pages 148, 149 misnumbered '149', '148', respectively. Several other mispaginations.
Annotation on Thomason copy: "Aug: 2."

Truth brought to light, or, The history of the first 14 years of King James I

Anonymous. By Michael Sparke; A new edition of "The narrative history of King James, for the first fourteen years", with an entirely new preface; With additional engraved emblematic title page (plate) which reads "Truth brought to light by Time, or…

The history of the rebellions in England, Scotland, and Ireland

With frontispiece portrait of Charles I on leaf A1v; Title page is A2; A reissue of the edition, with cancel title page, with line 14 of title page ending "1685", and with line 16 of the title page reading "By Sir Roger Manley, Kt."; Marginal notes;…

A Concise History of England

Vols. 1-3 lack imprint date; preface dated Aug. 10, 1775; Imprints in vols. 2-4 read: "Printed by R. Hawes, (no. 40) the Corner of Dorset-Street, Crispin-Street, Spitalfields"; Includes index in v.4

Thomæ de Elmham Vita & gesta Henrici Quinti, Anglorum Regis

An advertisement for this work was issued by Tho. Hearne: 'Advertisement. Just printed in octavo ...' [1728]--cf. ESTC; Tailpieces, headpieces, initials; Signatures: a-e⁴, f², A-3G⁴, 3H²;
Page 283 incorrectly numbered 183; Title within double line…

Relations and observations, historicall and politick, upon the Parliament, begun Anno Dom. 1640

The dedication is signed "Theoph. Verax", while the prefatory epistle which follows is signed "Theodorus Verax". Actual authorship from Wing.; Probable place of publication from Wing.; Signatures: A-Y⁴ Z² a-b⁴ c².; Includes: "The mystery of the two…

An historicall discourse of the uniformity of the government of England

Anonymous. By John Selden; Editor's dedication signed: Nath. Bacon; With an additional title page (A1r), engraved, "Semper eadem or the uniforme government of England", signed: W.M. sculp:, i.e. William Marshall; Includes index; In this, the true…