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Ordonnancie ende instructie naer de welcke voort-aen hen moeten reguleren die ghesworen wisselaers ofte collecteurs vande goude ende silvere penningen

Also issued by Verdussen in the same year in French.
T.p. woodcut of arms of Philip IV, King of Spain. Text gives proper weight of coins illustrated.
Signatures: A⁸ B⁴ C-Q⁸ R².
Slip with additional coin and printed legend mounted on G1r;…

A collection of emblemes, ancient and moderne

In verse.
Printer's name from STC.
The emblems are printed from plates originally engraved by Crispijn van de Passe the elder for "Nucleus emblematorum" by Gabriel Rollenhagen (STC).
With an additional title page, engraved, "Emblemes.…

Survey of royal revenue, 1552

Folio_HJ41_A6_image 1.jpg
Foliated in pencil; manuscript occupies leaves [6r] through [53r].
Incipit: The certificate of Thomas Lord Darcy of Chiche ...
Dates conjectured by booksellers based on watermark evidence.
Manuscript fair copy of the Royal Revenue Survey,…

Historia mundi, or Mercator's atlas

Translator's dedication signed: Wye Saltonstall.
Signatures: pi² A⁶ a⁴ B-2L⁶ 2M² (2M2 + "Mm3") ²N-²Z⁶ 3A-3H⁶ 3I⁴ (I4 + ²chi1) 3K-4K⁶ ( -4K4) 4L-4N⁴ 4O².
With an additional title page, engraved and signed "G. Glo: inu: fecit", with imprint "London…

Vale royal of England

Added engraved title page: Description historicall & geographicall of the countie palatine of Chester & illustrated with diuers figures cutt in copper & published by Daniel King of Chester 1656 "Epistle dedicatory" signed by Daniel King.…

History of the County of Northampton

With indices and a list of subscribers in vol. 2. Reports on this work were issued in 1755 and 1791, and are entitled: 'The committee, appointed to conduct the publication of The antiquities and history of Northampton, ...' and 'Mr. Brydges's History…

Londinopolis : an historicall discourse or perlustration of the city of London

"Largely borrowed from Stow"--DNB; Title page printed in red and black; With a frontis. portrait and folded view of London by Wenceslaus Hollar; Engraved portrait is signed: C. Melan et Bosse Sculp; Includes index; Pages 91-94 misnumbered 81-84;…

The History of the Church of Scotland

Title page printed in red and black; Contains a short life of the author signed "D. M.", attributed to Brian Duppa, bishop of Winchester; Frontis. portrait (A1v) of the author signed: W: Hollar fecit; Includes indexes; With final errata leaf and with…

A tour through parts of Wales

Includes 13 engravings (aquatint plates) based upon on-site drawings by author; red leather binds the spine and corners, the spine (6 segments) bears title 'Sothebys Tour in Wales'

A Bond for Luxemburg Iron-Smelting Works

Part Transcription: "Translaat uit het Hoogduitsch. Wy onderschout en scheepenen van het ohrnergrondhoffs ohrenhowen, certificeeren by deezen ... Actum Amsterdam. f1000 -:- [blank]. Deeze is door my ondergeschreevene Notaries in Amsterdam…

Les blasons des armes de la royale maison de Bourbon & de ses alliances

Engravings are by Pierre Firens. Signatures: ã²ẽ²A-3O²chi². Signature ẽ folded so ẽ2 (engraved t.p.)--precedes ã1. Title-page and illustrative matter engraved, head-pieces, initials. Includes folded leaf depicting coronation of Louis XIII, dated…

Heads, English & foreign collected by Henrietta Louisa Jeffreys, countess of Pomfret

NE218.P66 1730.jpg
100 seventeenth-century window-mounted engraved portrait plates with manuscript biographies on facing pages; the first 50 biographies with decorative borders, most illuminated, the last 50 without borders. Portraits engraved by Wenceslas Hollar,…